The Welsh Opto-Electronics Forum

The Forum, originally formed around the optoelectronics cluster in North Wales, is a consortium of Welsh companies, university research groups, optoelectronics users and support organisations dedicated to the development and profitability of the optoelectronics/photonics sector in Wales and internationally.

Our objectives are to bring together people and organisations to facilitate the processes of research and technology transfer and generate business opportunities. Optoelectronics is all around us, part of all our daily lives. Those for whom the technology forms a small part of their current activity may stand to gain as much from the Forum as those for whom photonics is their main business.

Aims of the Forum

  • To stimulate the growth and competitiveness of the Opto-electronics/photonics business sector in Wales.
  • To act as a catalyst to encourage the application of Optoelectronic/photonic technology in the local, national and international economy.
  • To encourage the interaction of industry, academia and research organisations in the region, facilitating the research, development and application of innovative technologies incorporating photonics.
  • To provide access to information, advice and support on business topics, including finance, IP, manufacturing and marketing, presenting new opportunities and enhancing the performance and profitability of our members.
  • To represent the members collectively on subjects relevant to photonics business, liaising with the Welsh Government, innovation, knowledge transfer and any other appropriate organisations for the benefit of members.
  • To present a high profile for the photonics business sector, publicising its achievements, and acting as a centre of expertise in Wales to attract and assist with inward investment.
  • To promote photonics technology in education, raising awareness and encouraging specific skills training related to the requirements of the industry.