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The Photonics Academy 

The 2011 Laser Photonics Summer School will take place at Bangor University from 3rd to 26th August.

This is aimed at lower and upper sixth form students who have an interest in Science

Ray Davies is now based in the University from where Teaching Training Courses as well as school visits will take place

A novel framework for meeting the skills needs of present and potential employees and employers of the photonics industry in Wales

The Photonics Academy (PA) for Wales is conceived as a novel educational and training framework designed to meet the aspirations of students needing skills appropriate to a spectrum of career opportunities within the Photonics industrial sector.

A prime driver of the PA is the requirement for making available appropriate expertise to support the development of new business emanating from the OpTIC Technium, St Asaph .More generally, the PA aims to support the growth of industrial activity in photonics technologies in Wales through the enhancement of pertinent technical and managerial skills so as to ensure the continued viability of existing and future commercial enterprises operating in the photonics sector.

  • The Photonics Academy is proposed as a novel integrated educational and training framework spanning all educational sectors
  • The Photonics Academy aims to provide for the aspirations of students wishing to pursue a spectrum of career opportunities within a well-defined industrial sector
  • The Photonics Academy is designed for the photonics or optoelectronics industry and is specifically directed at ensuring the availability of appropriate expertise to support the development of new businesses
  • The Photonics Academy concept is that of a virtual institution built on the cooperative endeavours of delivery teams in participating school, further education and higher education institutions
  • The Photonics Academy will enable students to attain a number of career milestones including : photonics scholar ; photonics apprentice ; photonics technician ; photonics graduate practitioner ; photonics postgraduate practitioner
  • The milestones define a photonics career path which may be followed at different speeds by individual members of the Academy
  • The Photonics Academy will enable multiple entry and exit points and will encourage lifelong learning via continuous professional development
  • The Photonics Academy provision will be established and updated through consultations between the delivery teams and appropriate industry and governmental representatives